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Covid Clinic at St Mary's Church Swanley. Posted on 18 Mar 2022

Here's the dates and times for the covid clinics at St Mary's Church Hall, London Road, Swanley. The team are currently working very hard to give additional capacity, we will let you know as and when clinic are added/extended.

Tue 14/12 9am till 2pm

Wed 15/12 9am till 6pm

Thu 16/12 9am till 7:30pm

Fri 17/12 9am till 6pm

Sat 18/12 8am till 4:30pm

Sun 19/12 12:30 till 7:30pm

Tue 21/12 9 till 1pm

Wed 22/12 9 till 6pm

Thu 23/12 9 till 6pm

Fri 24/12 9 till 1pm

Mon 27/12 9 till 7:30pm

Tue 28/12 9 till 7:30pm

Thu 30/12 9 till 6pm

Local Services, Let
Local Services, Let