• Coronavirus Advice

    If you suspect that you have the Coronavirus, please do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital.

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    Coronavirus Advice
  • Welcome to Devon Road Surgery

    We are currently accepting new patients, click the button below for more information.

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  • We are Open! Clinics & Services

    Devon Road Surgery is OPEN, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have changed the way we work in order to minimise the risks to our patients and staff and therefore, help keep the Practice open for patients.

    We offer a range of clinics and services at the Practice.


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  • Repeat Prescription

    Our Dispensary Phone number has changed: it is 01322 420104.  Our Dispensary lines are open between the hours of 11am - 1pm and 3.30 and 5.30pm. 

    Unless you are a dispensing patient - i.e. you get your medicines directly from us, please request your repeat medication by putting in a paper repeat prescription request or you can make requests online, via Doctorlink or by using the NHS App or myGP app.

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  • Doctorlink Online Consultations

    Please register for this service to access the medical advice and care you need.

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    Doctorlink Not feeling well check your symptoms now
  • New Urgent Treatment Centre in Gravesend

    Most urgent illness and injuries can now be treated at our new urgent treatment centre at Gravesham Community Hospital in Gravesend, Bath Street. It works as a walk in NHS service and you will be seen more quickly.  Open 8am to 8pm.  Appointments can sometimes be booked through phoning 111 if all on the day appointments are full at the Surgery. 

    new urgent treatment centre at Gravesham Community Hospital
  • #Not in a Day's Work.....

    We work for the NHS because we want to care for you.  Please don't abuse us.  We can refuse treatment and take further action against anyone who threatens our safety, but we don't want to do that, we want to help you.

    Making Calls - Yes; Doing Referrals - Yes; Taking Abuse - No
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Welcome To The Practice

What to do when the Practice is closed 
Please use NHS 111 if you need medical help.
The NHS 111 team has trained advisers, nurses and doctors available at all times. They can help over the phone and advise you where to go if you need to see someone. Don’t waste time going to the wrong place – phone NHS 111 or go online: 111.nhs.uk

Local services are also listed on the NHS Kent and Medway website: www.stopthinkchoose.co.uk

Unacceptable Abuse of NHS Staff

Kent & Medway Clinical Commissioning Group are saddened by the rising reports both from primary care and other local services about the rising levels of abuse teams are getting. It is not acceptable and we are exploring what can be done to address it.

A public message from the CCG has been published as the first part of planning a wider campaign to challenge unacceptable behaviour towards NHS teams. You can see this first message by clicking on the following link:


There have been many instances of patients' interactions with staff being a cause for concern because of the manner towards the staff.

We felt it would be beneficial to update you on some of the changes in the way in we provide services to our patients which will hopefully explain some of the frustrations you have experienced

  1. Long queues on the telephone

    Nationally it is recognised that patient contacts to GP surgeries are at an all-time high. We, at Devon Road Surgery, have never had to field such a high volume of calls. This is due to the unavoidable back-log caused by the Covid 19 pandemic, plus running the largest vaccination program in history as well as increasing numbers of clinicians and clinics, all of which generate more calls.

    To off-set this demand, we have extended the time receptionists are available, so that the calls are now taken from 08:00. We have introduced new telephone queuing systems, a ring-back service and DoctorLink (which enables email communication with the doctors.)

  2. Difficulty in obtaining an ‘on-the-day’ appointment

    As detailed above, there is national recognition that patient demand for appointments are at an all-time high. We do have pre-bookable slots which are released one month ahead. To address our patients’ needs we have increased both the range and number of clinical staff who can offer on the day appointments. We have also introduced Doctorlink, on our website. This is an online consultation tool, which allows the surgery to offer an appropriately timed appointment for the problem sent in by a patient.

  3. Not being able to book a face-to-face appointment via reception with the clinician

    Despite the varying opinions expressed in the media and press, the national infection control measures brought in by Covid, have not yet been universally lifted by NHS England. In our attempt to meet our professional responsibility to protect our patients and staff it is our policy to direct our receptionists to only book telephone triage appointments, unless it is for a procedure with a nurse. The Clinician will utilise telephone, photography or video consulting to diagnose and prescribe, or give the patient advice. If the patient would like a face to face appointment with the clinician, then they should make this known to the Clinician during the telephone consultation and this can then be arranged. The clinicians in turn organise the timing of their ‘face to face’ consultations to allow for the practice of infection control measures; this includes thorough disinfection of the consulting room after each patient.  This set up is under regular review particularly in light of changing guidance around infection control and the wearing of face masks etc.

As I am sure you can appreciate, it has been an incredibly difficult period since the March 2020 lockdown and we are obliged to prioritise the minimising of  risks to staff as well as maximising patients’ health and safety. We realise patients are now ‘tired’ of Covid and want things to return to “normal”. However, Covid has not ended and measures to contain it remain in place. We also must now manage the huge backlog of work from the previous year’s lockdown. We realise that all of this can lead to frustration, irritation and anger which impacts your interactions with our staff.

Unfortunately, it is normally the receptionists that get the outpouring of these frustrations. Receptionists are sometimes perceived by patients as being abrupt, obstructive or rushing them off the phone, but it is just a result of having to deal with such a high demand of calls, knowing there are long waiting times for each patient in the queue. They are also the staff tasked with directing the patient with the most appropriate Clinician to help which may differ from patients’ expectations. It is however, vital that they do this job to maximise our ability to help all patients.

I hope the above explains the current circumstances Devon Road Surgery finds itself in and what we are doing to try to mitigate them. 

Finally, we would ask that you treat all staff with courtesy and respect at all times both over the telephone, in person and on social media. This is an incredibly stressful time for all of our staff and we would appreciate it if you could bear this in mind during your interactions with the Practice. They are doing their best to meet your needs.

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Devon Road Surgery

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